October 2017

Times are set in EDT. V/C means the moon is void of course and it is in between signs. It is not the best time to make plans because they rarely turn out as planned.

Sunday October 1st 2017: 
Monday Oct 2nd: Moon v/c at 7:13am. Moon enters Pisces at 10:26am. 
Tuesday Oct 3rd: 
Wednesday Oct 4th: Moon v/c at 3:19am. Moon enters Aries at 4:40pm. 
Thursday Oct 5th: Full Moon in Aries at 2:40pm. 

Full Moon October 2017 Summary
The Jupiter opposite Uranus aspect just mentioned sums up full moon October 20017 very well. If you take advantage of your opportunities and avoid the potential pitfalls, you can enjoy the next two weeks and have your passionate desires fulfilled. You may have neurotic infatuations and obsessions but don’t let them get too out of control. Avoid the urge to control, gossip or deceive. Avoid the temptation to be lazy, mean or greedy. You can use your imagination to dream up your ideal romantic partner. You can use the intense passion of this full moon to get motivated and work hard on your goals.
— https://astrologyking.com/full-moon-october-2017/

Friday Oct 6th: Moon v/c at 6:38pm. Moon enters Taurus at 7:56pm. 
Saturday Oct 7th: 

Sunday Oct 8th: Moon v/c at 9:45am. Moon enters Gemini at 9:44pm. 
Monday Oct 9th: Columbus Day
Tuesday Oct 10th: Jupiter enters Scorpio at 9:20am. Moon v/c at 6:25pm. Moon enters Cancer at 11:38pm. 
Wednesday Oct 11th: 
Thursday Oct 12th: Fourth quarter of the moon begins at 8:25am. 
Friday Oct 13th: Moon v/c at 12:00am. Moon enters Leo at 2:41am. 

Saturday Oct 14th: Venus enters Libra at 6:11am. 

Sunday Oct 15th: Moon v/c at 1:28am. Moon enters Virgo at 7:19am. 
Monday Oct 16th: 
Tuesday Oct 17th: Mercury enters Scorpio at 3:59am. Moon v/c at 7:27am. Moon enters Libra at 1:35pm. 
Wednesday Oct 18th: 
Thursday Oct 19th: Moon v/c at 3:12pm. New Moon in Libra at 3:12pm. Moon enters Scorpio at 9:41pm.

Friday Oct 20th: 
Saturday Oct 21st: 

Sunday Oct 22nd: Moon v/c at 7:35am. Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:57am. Mars enters Libra at 2:29pm. 
Monday Oct 23rd: Sun enters Scorpio at 1:27am. 

Tuesday Oct 24th: Moon v/c 12:44pm. Moon enters Capricorn at 8:12pm. 
Wednesday Oct 25th: 
Thursday Oct 26th: Happy birthday Robert! May your day be filled with joy! 

Friday Oct 27th: Moon v/c at 1:22am. Moon enters Aquarius at 8:59am. Second quarter of the moon cycle begins at 6:22pm. I like to wish my baby sister Kayci, a happy and magical birthday!

Saturday Oct 28th: Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins. 

Reed - The Inquisitor
October 28 - November 24
Reed signs among the Celtic tree astrology signs are the secret keepers. You dig deep inside to the real meaning of things and discover the truth hidden beneath layers of distraction. When there is a need to get to the heart of the matter, most certainly the Reed sign will find the core. You love a good story, and can be easily drawn in by gossip, scandals, legend and lore. These tendencies also make you an excellent historian, journalist, detective or archeologist. You love people because they represent a diversity of meanings for you to interpret. You are adept at coaxing people to talking to you, and sometimes you can be a bit manipulative. However, you have a strong sense of truth and honor so most of your scheming is harmless. Reed people join well with other Reeds, Ash or Oak signs.
— http://www.whats-your-sign.com/celtic-tree-astrology.html
Symbolic Celtic Reed Meanings
The Celtic meaning of the reed within the Ogham deals with themes of connectivity, networking and provision.
Although the reed isn’t a tree, the druids viewed any large plant with a woody stalk to be a tree, and the reed was considered very important. Therefore, the reed was included in the Celts sacred Ogham because it met their criteria asa sacred organism, it was an extraordinarily useful plant, and it possesses a slew of noble qualities.
In the time of the ancient Celts their landscape held prolific reeds in swamp areas; some growing up to 20 feet tall. With such a presence, it stands to reason the reed held a place among the hierarchy of nature for the Celts.

Symbolic Celtic Meaning of the Reed
All things of the natural world were honored by the Celts, and all things represented the connection with life. In this way, the reed was highly revered for its usefulness in the day-to-day practices of the Celts.
The reed was used for many purposes by the Celts. Specifically, they would weave reeds together to make thatched roofs on their homes - some of which (when properly constructed) last up to a decade or more. This is where the reed obtains its symbolism of protection. It is also a natural insulator, and the Celts honored it highly during cold, wet months.
Reed gives off a faint sweet smell when macerated, and so the Celts were known to lay out pressed reeds as flooring in their homes to deodorize. This was also a practice for cleansing and purifying homes.
Reeds also made good candles, and were viewed as beacons of light during the dark nights. This is another facet of the reed’s purposefulness in the life of the Celts.
The reed gets its symbolism of communication from several sources. In the hands of a good craftsman (and there were many among the ancient Celts), a reed would make a fine whistle, flute or recorder. These were highly prized amongst the people, particularly bards. Through these flutes and music the spiritually-minded Celts would communicate fantastic worlds of vision, heroism, and beauty.
Secondly, if you are still enough, you can hear them sing a song when the wind blows through a field of reeds. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing it, you know it is an eerie experience. The Celts viewed this as an otherworld voice, and considered it a message of powerful importance.
Take the time to incorporate these symbolic meanings of the reed in your life. Gather some up and bring them into the house to open up the energy and clear the air. Or, try fashioning a flute from a reed and take it to your next drum circle to play! Your Celtic ancestors will get such a kick out of that!
— http://www.whats-your-sign.com/celtic-meaning-reed.html

Sunday Oct 29th: Moon v/c at 12:22pm. Moon enters Pisces at 7:46pm. 
Monday Oct 30th: 
Tuesday Oct 31st: Moon v/c at 5:08pm. Happy Halloween/Samhain!!! 

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Christina Chandler