August 2017

Times are set in EDT. V/C means the moon is void of course and it is in between signs. It is not the best time to make plans because they rarely turn out as planned.

Tuesday August 1st 2017: Moon enters Sagittarius at 8:01am. Happy Lammas/Lughnasadh. Harvesting time has begun. 

Wednesday Aug 2nd: 

Thursday Aug 3rd: Uranus goes retrograde at 1:31am until Jan 2nd 2018. Moon v/c at 5:38pm. Moon enters Capricorn at 8:37pm. Uranus retrograde bring change. Sometimes the changes seem abrupt and extreme. It brings out our rebellious nature and awakens our need for personal freedom. New directions and paths are formed and can be unconventional. If you are someone who doesn’t not do well with change then this retrograde can be upsetting. Read more about this year's Uranus Retrograde here.

Friday Aug 4th: 

Saturday Aug 5th: Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins.

Hazel - The Knower

August 5 - September 1

If you are born under the energy of the Hazel, you are highly intelligent, organized and efficient. Like the Holly, you are naturally gifted in academia, and excel in the classroom. You also have the ability to retain information and can recall, recite and expound on subjects you've memorized with amazing accuracy. You know your facts, and you are always well informed. This sometimes makes you appear like a know-it-all to others, but you can't help that; you're genuinely smart and usually know the right course of action because of your impressive knowledge base. You have an eye for detail, and like things to be “just so.” Sometimes this need for order and control can lead to compulsive behaviors if left unchecked. You have a knack for numbers, science and things that utilize your analytical skills. You like rules, although you are typically making them rather than playing by them. The Celtic tree astrology sign of Hazel joins harmoniously with Hawthorn and Rowan's.

Celtic Hazel Tree Meaning: One look at the hazel tree and it's easy to see why the Celtic meaning of the hazel tree deals with creativity, and why the druids held it in such high regard amongst the Ogham ranks. The hazel's unusual branch formations make it a delight to ponder, and was often used for inspiration in art, as well as poetry. The bards, ovates and druids of the Celtic day would intently observe its crazy curly-Q branches. Doing this would lead them into other worlds of delightful fantasy. Much the same way our modern imaginations can be captured by a good movie, the creative Celts were artistically motivated by the seemingly random and wild contortions of the hazel. A more commonly known fact is that the hazel is considered a container of ancient knowledge. Ingestion of the hazel nuts is proposed to induce visions, heightened awareness and lead to epiphanies. Indeed, the legend of Fionn Mac Cumhail tells of his gaining the wisdom of the universe by simply coming in contact with the essence of the hazel nut. He did this through the salmon, which was known to eat the hazel nuts that dropped around a sacred pond encircled by nine hazel trees. It was fabled that from their diet of the nuts, the salmon too were keys to infinite knowledge. Fionn burned his finger while preparing a soup of these very salmon. Instinctively, Fionn thrust is finger in his mouth to soothe the burn and by this slight contact he became enlightened. Interestingly, in modern times the hazel nut has proven itself to be a brain food. Pound for pound the hazel nut have double the protein, and good fats than eggs, making them natural nourishment for brain function. When you are creatively stuck, or your intellectual growth seems stagnate, call upon the energy of the hazel tree. Better yet, eat a few hazelnuts, or make a necklace from the nuts. Often such necklaces were worn for protection as well as to illicit visions. Likewise, hazelnuts were (still are) eaten just before engaging in divinatory, foretelling or meditative practices.


Sunday Aug 6th: Moon v/c at 5:22am. Moon enters Aquarius at 8:15am. 

Monday Aug 7th: Full moon at 2:11pm (EDT) in Aquarius. Lunar eclipse at 2:21pm. Lunar eclipses bring changes, sometimes unexpected. They force us out of our comfort zones. People can experience several mood swings under a lunar eclipse. Aquarius moons support personal freedom. It is a good moon to focus on individuality. Think about what makes you unique and what sets you apart from everyone else. Aquarius moons are great for coming up with new, original and genius ideas. We may feel friendly yet remain detached. Aquarius rules social networking and technology. This lunar eclipse/full moon brings out our inner humanitarian. We want to help others and care for each other. We also have to help ourselves. If you are hanging on to something in the past, let it go. Let those problems or unpleasantness end with the full moon and make room for the future. Aquarius/Uranus supports the future and is a visionary sign. As always with Aquarius, expect the unexpected. An eclipse intensifies everything. So be prepared for people (and yourself) to act unpredictable. Surprise yourself, do something different, something that you would never do before. Take a risk! Think outside of the box and brainstorm about future goals/projects. This full moon’s energy is fueled by the Sun/Mars, Moon/Jupiter/Pluto aspects. Mars makes us impatient and aggressive. The littlest things can frustrate us. There are temptations for power and greed. We have a strong desire for freedom and a heightened sex drive. Sun and Mars creates an abundance of energy and what we do with it, will shape our next six months. Moon, Jupiter and Pluto offer transformation and success. Change will happen. If you are not open to change then this eclipse will be more difficult for you than others. Uranus just went into retrograde, creating rebellious urges and unconventional thinking. Mercury will be going into retrograde on Saturday, August 12th. 

Tuesday Aug 8th: Moon v/c at 3:07pm. Moon enters Pisces at 5:56pm. 

Wednesday Aug 9th: 

Thursday Aug 10th: Moon v/c at 8:38am. 

Friday Aug 11th: Moon enters Aries at 1:22am. 

Saturday Aug 12th: Mercury goes retrograde at 9:00pm until Sept 5th 2017. Mercury retrograde it is good to plan ahead, make a plan b and c. Have backups for all your major technology devices, triple check times, dates, tickets to help avoid delays but remember some things are out of our control. Mercury retrogrades can cause misunderstandings. Don't make any hasty or impulsive important decisions or commitments. Mercury retrogrades gets a lot of bad reputation because of all the delays, miscommunication, and other mishaps. What most people don't know is Mercury retrograde can be a great time for healing. Redo! Rethink! Review! "Take a break". Get back into nature, go for hike. Put down all the phones, computers, tablets etc.. (they don't do well during a Mercury retrograde anyway). Do something creative, paint, write, play music, go out and dance. Do something fun! 

Sunday Aug 13th: Moon v/c at 4:01am. Moon enters Taurus at 6:40am. 

Monday Aug 14th: Moon v/c at 9:15pm. Fourth quarter of the moon begins at 9:15pm. 

Tuesday Aug 15th: Moon enters Gemini at 10:06am. 

Wednesday Aug 16th: 

Thursday Aug 17th: Moon v/c at 9:38am. Moon enters Cancer at 12:13pm. 

Friday Aug 18th: Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends Mikey! May all your birthday wishes come true.

Saturday Aug 19th: Moon v/c at 11:17am. Moon enters Leo at 1:55pm. 

Sunday Aug 20th: 

Monday Aug 21st: Moon v/c at 2:30pm. New Moon in Leo at 2:30pm.(EDT) Solar eclipse at 2:25pm. Moon enters Virgo at 4:25pm. Eclipses are powerful and bring changes. The effects of a solar eclipse can last for six months or longer. Some changes will come as a surprise to you. Pay attention to your daily routines and take note if changes need to be made. It is time to better ourselves. Leo moons focus on self expression, creativity, the arts, romance, children and ideas. Get in touch with your personal needs and your true intentions. Spend time with children. Bring out your inner child. This new moon/solar eclipes brings in an abundant amount of energy fueled with fiery passion, creativity and confidence. Due to all this Leo energy (Sun, Moon and Mars) our egos can become the better of us. Be confident, not egotistic. If you are someone who needs to work on their self-confidence then this is a great eclipse for you. Uranus trines the eclipse, creating some unusual and exciting changes. Stay open minded and flexible to new opportunities. 

Tuesday Aug 22nd: Sun enters Virgo at 6:20pm. 

Wednesday Aug 23rd: Moon v/c at 4:02pm. Moon enters Libra at 9:05pm. 

Thursday Aug 24th: 

Friday Aug 25th: Saturn goes direct. 

Saturday Aug 26th: Moon v/c at 1:29am. Moon enters Scorpio at 4:53am. 

Sunday Aug 27th: 

Monday Aug 28th: Moon v/c at 5:38am. Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:48pm. 

Tuesday Aug 29th: Second quarter of the moon begins at 4:13am. 

Wednesday Aug 30th: 

Thursday Aug 31st: Moon v/c at 12:42am. Moon enters Capricorn at 4:18am. 

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