January 2018


Times are set in EST. V/C means the moon is void of course and it is in between signs. It is not the best time to make plans because they rarely turn out as planned.


Monday January 1st 2018: Moon enters Cancer at 3:10 pm. Full moon in Cancer at 9:24 pm. Happy New Year's Day!! 


Tuesday Jan 2nd: Uranus goes direct at 9:13 am. Moon v/c at 5:46 pm. 
Wednesday Jan 3rd: Moon enters Leo at 2:23 am. 
Thursday Jan 4th: Moon v/c at 6:10 pm. 
Friday Jan 5th: Moon enters Virgo at 3:12 am. 
Saturday Jan 6th: Moon v/c at 9:51 pm. 
Sunday Jan 7th: Moon enters Libra at 7:15 am. 

Monday Jan 8th: Fourth quarter of the moon cycle begins at 5:25 am. 
Tuesday Jan 9th: Moon v/c at 11:13 am. Moon enters Scopio at 3:05 pm. 
Wednesday Jan 10th: 
Thursday Jan 11th: Mercury enters Capricorn at 12:09 am. Moon v/c at 9:53 am. 
Friday Jan 12th: Moon enters Sagittarius at 2:03 am. 
Saturday Jan 13th: 
Sunday Jan 14th: Moon v/c at 3:48 am. Moon enters Capricorn at 2:42 pm. 

Monday Jan 15th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 


Tuesday Jan 16th: New Moon in Capricorn at 9:17 pm. 


Wednesday Jan 17th: Moon v/c at 1:30 am. Moon enters Aquarius at 3:32 am. Venus enters Aquarius at 8:44 pm. 
Thursday Jan 18th: 
Friday Jan 19th: Moon v/c at 6:52 am. Moon enters Pisces at 3:26 pm. Sun enters Aquarius at 10:09 pm. 


Saturday Jan 20th: 
Sunday Jan 21st: Moon v/c at 8:13 pm. Celtic Tree Month of Rowan begins.

Monday Jan 22nd: Moon enters Aries at 1:27 am. 
Tuesday Jan 23rd: Moon v/c at 11:16 pm. Happy Birthday to Ronnie!!! I hope you have an amazing day! 


Wednesday Jan 24th: Moon enters Taurus at 8:39 am. Second quarter of the moon cycle begins at 5:20 pm. 
Thursday Jan 25th: Moon v/c at 10:17 pm. 
Friday Jan 26th: Mars enters Sagittarius at 7:56 am. Moon enters Gemini at 12:40 pm. 
Saturday Jan 27th: 
Sunday Jan 28th: Moon v/c at 5:39 am. Moon enters Cancer at 1:57 pm. Happy birthday to my amazing husband, Mish!!! 


Monday Jan 29th: 
Tuesday Jan 30th: Moon v/c at 11:40 am. Moon enters Leo at 1:53 pm. 
Wednesday Jan 31st: Full blue moon in Leo at 8:27 am. Lunar eclipse at 8:27 am. Mercury enters Aquarius at 8:39 am.


Christina Chandler