August 2018


Times are set in EDT. V/C means the moon is void of course and it is in between signs. It is not the best time to make plans because they rarely turn out as planned.

Wednesday, August 1st 2018: Moon enters Aries at 6:54 am. Lammas/Lughnasadh blessings. The first harvest of the year begins. 


Thursday, August 2nd: Moon v/c at 10:52 pm.
Friday, August 3rd: Moon enters Taurus at 3:51 pm. 
Saturday, August 4th: The fourth quarter of the moon cycle begins at 2:18 pm. 
Sunday, August 5th: Moon v/c at 7:46 pm. Moon enters Gemini at 9:32 pm. Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins. 

Hazel – The Knower
August 5 – September 1
If you are born under the energy of the Hazel, you are highly intelligent, organized and efficient. Like the Holly, you are naturally gifted in academia, and excel in the classroom. You also have the ability to retain information and can recall, recite and expound on subjects you’ve memorized with amazing accuracy. You know your facts, and you are always well informed. This sometimes makes you appear like a know-it-all to others, but you can’t help that; you’re genuinely smart and usually know the right course of action because of your impressive knowledge base. You have an eye for detail, and like things to be “just so.” Sometimes this need for order and control can lead to compulsive behaviors if left unchecked. You have a knack for numbers, science and things that utilize your analytical skills. You like rules, although you are typically making them rather than playing by them. The Celtic tree astrology sign of Hazel joins harmoniously with Hawthorn and Rowan’s.

Monday, August 6th: Venus enters Libra at 7:27 pm. 
Tuesday, August 7th: Moon v/c at 3:54 am. Uranus goes retrograde at 12:48 until January 6th, 2019 at 3:27 pm. 


Wednesday, August 8th: Moon enters Cancer at 12:01 am.
Thursday, August 9th: Moon v/c at 7:21 am. 
Friday, August 10th: Moon enters Leo at 12:18 am.
Saturday, August 11th: Moon v/c at 5:58 am. New Moon in Leo at 5:58 am EDT. Solar eclipse at 5:58 am at 18 degrees Leo. Moon enters Virgo at 11:59 pm.


Sunday, August 12th: Mars enters Capricorn at 10:14 pm. 
Monday, August 13th: 
Tuesday, August 14th: Moon v/c at 12:37 am. Moon enters Libra at 12:57 am. 
Wednesday, August 15th: 
Thursday, August 16th: Moon v/c at 3:56 am. Moon enters Scorpio at 4:54 am. 
Friday, August 17th: 
Saturday, August 18th: The second quarter of the moon cycle begins at 3:49 am. Moon v/c at 11:07 am. Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:45 pm. Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends, Michael aka Mikey! I hope your day is filled with magic and wonder! 


Sunday, August 19th: Mercury goes direct at 12:25 am.


Monday, August 20th: Moon v/c at 7:47 pm. 
Tuesday, August 21st: Moon enters Capricorn at 12 am. 
Wednesday, August 22nd: 
Thursday, August 23rd: Sun enters Virgo at 12:09 am. Moon v/c at 10:19 am. Moon enters Aquarius at 12:56 pm. 


Friday, August 24th: 
Saturday, August 25th: Moon v/c at 12:39 am. 
Sunday, August 26th: Moon enters Pisces at 1:32 am. Full moon in Pisces at 7:56 am EDT.


Monday, August 27th: Mars goes direct at 10:05 am. 


Tuesday, August 28th: Moon v/c at 9:54 am. Moon enters Aries at 12:35 pm. 
Wednesday, August 29th: 
Thursday, August 30th: Moon v/c 7:04 pm. Moon enters Taurus at 9:30 pm. 
Friday, August 31st: 

photography credits: Some photos found on Google Images and others are by our personal friends and family. 

Christina Chandler