September 2018


Times are set in EDT. V/C means the moon is void of course and it is in between signs. It is not the best time to make plans because they rarely turn out as planned.

Saturday, September 1st 2018:
Sunday, September 2nd: Moon v/c at 1:56 am. Moon enters Gemini at 4:02 am. The fourth quarter of the moon cycle begins at 10:37 pm. Celtic Tree Month of Vine begins.

Vine – The Equalizer
September 2 – September 29
Vine signs are born within the autumnal equinox, which makes your personality changeable and unpredictable. You can be full of contradictions, and are often indecisive. But this is because you can see both sides of the story, and empathize with each equally. It is hard for you to pick sides because you can see the good points on each end. There are, however, areas in your life that you are quite sure about. These include the finer things of life like food, wine, music, and art. You have very distinctive taste, and are a connoisseur of refinement. Luxury agrees with you, and under good conditions you have a Midas touch for turning drab into dramatic beauty. You are charming, elegant, and maintain a level of class that wins you esteem from a large fan base. Indeed, you often find yourself in public places where others can admire your classic style and poise. Vine signs pair well with Willow and Hazel signs.

Monday, September 3rd: Happy Labor Day!


Tuesday, September 4th: Moon v/c at 2:37 am. Moon enters Cancer at 8:03 am.
Wednesday, September 5th: Mercury enters Virgo at 10:39 pm.
Thursday, September 6th: Venus enters Libra at 2:26 am. Saturn goes direct at 7:09 am. Moon v/c at 8:43 am. Moon enters Leo at 9:54 am.
Friday, September 7th:
Saturday, September 8th: Moon v/c at 9:31 am. Moon enters Virgo at 10:29 am.


Sunday, September 9th: Venus enters Scorpio at 5:25 am. New Moon in Virgo at 2:01 pm (EDT).


Monday, September 10th: Moon v/c at 11:12 am. Moon enters Libra at 11:20 am. Marts enters Aquarius at 8:46 pm.
Tuesday, September 11th: Moon v/c at 6:58 pm. Remembering 9/11.
Wednesday, September 12th: Moon enters Scorpio at 2:15 pm.
Thursday, September 13th:
Friday, September 14th: Moon v/c at 4:54 am. Moon enters Sagittarius at 8:45 pm. Happy birthday to Jo’s granddaughter Bella who turns six!


Saturday, September 15th: Happy Birthday to my good friend and sister’s boyfriend Stephen!
Sunday, September 16th: Moon v/c at 7:15 pm. The second quarter of the moon cycle begins at 7:15 pm.
Monday, September 17th: Moon enters Capricorn at 7:07 am.
Tuesday, September 18th:
Wednesday, September 19th: Moon v/c at 1:10 pm. Moon enters Aquarius at 7:52 pm.
Thursday, September 20th:
Friday, September 21st: Moon v/c at 1:13 pm. Mercury enters Libra at 11:39 pm. UN International Day of Peace.
Saturday, September 22nd: Moon enters Pisces at 8:27th. Sun enters Libra at 9:54 pm. Happy Mabon/Fall Equinox! Happy birthday to my father in law!


Sunday, September 23rd:
Monday, September 24th: Moon v/c at 1:26 am. Moon enters Aries at 7:04 pm. Full Moon in Aries at 10:52 pm (EDT).


Tuesday, September 25th:
Wednesday, September 26th: Moon v/c at 6:28 am.
Thursday, September 27th: Moon enters Taurus at 3:16 am.
Friday, September 28th: Moon v/c at 6:36 pm.
Saturday, September 29th: Moon enters Gemini at 9:26 am. Happy birthday Shannon! I hope you have a magical and lovely day!


Sunday, September 30th: Moon v/c at 11:38 am. Celtic Tree Month of Ivy begins.

Ivy – The Survivor
September 30 – October 27
Among other cherished qualities of the Ivy Celtic tree astrology sign, most prized is your ability to overcome all odds. You have a sharp intellect, but more obvious is your compassion and loyalty to others. You have a giving nature, and are always there to lend a helping hand. You are born at a time of the waning sun so life an be difficult for you at times. This sometimes seems unfair because it appears that obstacles are coming at with no prompting on your part. Nevertheless, you endure troubling times with silent perseverance and soulful grace. Indeed, Ivy signs have a tendency to be deeply spiritual and cling to a deep-rootedfaith that typically sees them trough adversity. You are soft spoken, but have a keen wit about you. You are charming, charismatic, and can effectively hold your own in most social settings. Ivy signs are attracted to the Celtic tree astrology sign of Oak and Ash signs.

Photography credits: Some photos are found on Google images and others belong to friends and family.

Christina Chandler