My Peter Pan adventure!

 I felt the urge to go and see the play "Peter Pan" that my friend Alberto told me about. (Which is still 
playing at the Ally, Downtown in Houston). 
I feel like a little girl getting ready to play dress up! Alberto had a Peter Pan t-shirt on on and bright yellow tennis shoes that he bought that day. And YES! They are bright! They make you feel happy when you look at them. Ronnie dressed in his tartan outfit, being true to his Scottish Clan. I wore a velvet and Victorian style outfit. So we looked like were were part of the theater. While we were in the elevator, and a couple said they liked Alberto's shirt. As we got out of the elevator, I looked around and wondered why people grow up and lose their sense of magic, playfulness, and individuality. 
We bought cheaper tickets, hoping we could move to the center of the theater once the play started. Sure enough everyone started to move and we hopped like little bunnies to the middle. We were like little kids laughing and giggling like were going to get caught eating the carrots in the farmer's garden. 
The intensity of waiting begins.. 
The first scene took place in a bedroom. I looked around the set and noticed the beds with a crescent moon and star. A big sheep dog walks in, who is the nanny. Right away I thought of Simba. He is Alberto's nanny. Alberto thinks he is in charge. There were so many signs, I would have liked to have a tape recorder on the whole time. I'm sure everyone would have loved that! 
During one of the scenes the fairies were looking for their mother. They thought Wendy was their mother. By the way there is not just one mother named Wendy. That is the name they use for every new Wendy, as one grows up. So the fairies show their house and of course they live under mushrooms and trees. I am sure I have shared this in my blog before with pictures. Take a look if you have a chance! The amazing thing was, there was a mushroom that was red! Just like the one we took of Christina in the forest. We even wrote a message about it. So in Wonderland these sings exist! I see them everyday. I'm like a child, hungry for her favorite dessert. Speaking of dessert, in the play they offer goodies to the elementals and all other creatures (including 
my tummy!). 
As I watched all the characters, I knew I would ask "Which one of the characters did you feel that you related to the most?" to Ronnie, Alberto, and myself. Maybe you can ask yourself the very same question. When I asked the question to JoJo (that would be me!) I heard the wise one (which is the voice from within) say "I am all of the characters and have always been all of them. So many choices, who has time to be bored. 
When the play was over, I went to go to the restroom. I started to go in the one I had went into before the play started and the voice of wisdom said "not this one" and I went into the next one. I saw 2 safety pins for me! I was so excited because I know that is how to play. I've been collecting pieces for a antique bottle to put all the little things that come my way from nature in. 
We get in the car and start to share what we liked about the play. As we pull out of the parking garage, we see the moon. She was right there in front of us. The brightest and lowest she could be at 10:30pm. The moon was waxing. We were just amazed. It felt so intense, like she waited for us to see. We drove along, waiting to see it again. We could not find it. How is that possible? We continued to drive around for 30 minutes.. Still no moon to be found. We decided to go to the tress to give offering. We offered berries and nuts. We hoped to find a glimpse of the moon through the tress. No luck. We were meant to see it, when we did. We would not be attached. We would only be in the moment. A moment that will be with me forever and a reminder for when I need to be playful. 
These things happen daily. Just open your eyes and become awake.
I also just watched "Hook" and "Finding Neverland".


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