Birthdays on Oct 26th

I started my day out planning what I would do for my son Robert's birthday. We decided that we would celebrate 2 birthdays that day. We headed out to the galleria for lunch. We also went to do a little shopping for Halloween costumes. We found our perfect costumes. I love Halloween! Its a day where you can dress up as you wish and no one looks at you strange. It is a day that everyone uses their creativity to be playful. Maybe we should have more days like this! There is something about the timing of Halloween that creates a certain mood and magic in the air. 

 We also decided to go see the movie Hereafter. On our way to the movies, we had to stop to get gas. At the gas station there are so many stray cats. Today there were 12 blacks cats. I went to my trunk to get food that I carry for these moments. Most of them ran off, but there was one that was curious. It is amazing what fear will do to us. Animals and humans alike. It takes a courageous one to be different and to trust to walk on the path of their own. I made a new little friend that day. Every day I will go and visit my friend. With nurturing our intuition will grow. Even if it seems a little scary.

 The movie was deep and I did relate to it a lot. I felt like I was watching a movie about myself with these abilities in some way. One most know how to work with their abilities and how to balance them. It is very important.

 When I got home, I opened the blind behind me on the couch. The moon was shining in. I always feel it first then I see it. I felt something touching my back. I asked Ronnie to have a look. He said he did not see anything. When I was in bed, I felt the covers lift up ever so gently. Not in a scary way. As I started to drift off, I heard a lady say my name and ask how I was. It was so clear. After trying to wake Ronnie a few times, he finally woke up, I asked him if he heard the lady talking. He said "No" of course because he was asleep. I'm sure if he was awake, he would've heard it as clear as I did. I always keep a notepad, pen, and camera by my bed, so I can capture moments like that one. I took some pictures and there were white orbs that looked like fire flies. It was very beautiful. They were also by my doggie cushion, that belonged to Coco who passed away about 3 or so weeks ago. I felt very peaceful and drifted off to wonderland of dreams.



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