Full Moon Experience on Oct 23rd

I wanted to share my story about the full moon that just passed on Oct 23rd. 

 I woke up this morning full of excitement, knowing the full moon would shed some light in an interesting way. I took off my rose colored glasses and I got ready to go for a walk in the enchanted forest, which I truly love.  I secretly call it my forest, and I have many more secrets to be discovered. I feel like a little girl when writing my stories. 

 I grabbed some food for all the creatures that I encountered on my journey.  They are not just creatures, they are my true friends. Ah nature! Ronnie, SImba, and I were walking and I noticed a bird bath of birds follies performing an amazing water show! It was truly a time to stop and be with them. You become them, when you are in the moment. The feelings that surge through you are so refreshing. Remember you have to stop and take off your rose colored glasses. Simba started pulling on his leash, he was also filled with so much excitement. I turned to look at Ronnie, he had this amazing look on his face. There was so much wonder in his face. Boy like! He was just happy to be there and enjoy the moment together. We had just walked a little less than a block and there were more birds! This time there were about 25 birds. They flew above and started a formation of 8. They went around us 3 times. We just stood there, taking it all in. I could feel there was a connection so deep. I could hear their wing movement within the air. I could hear them. I said to Ronnie "This is everything". A truly magical moment! I could see, hear, and feel all the gifts of nature. It seemed like they were dancing for us in the air and in the water. These 2 elements were so strong with their connection to the moon and their influence on us. All of us, no exceptions! 

 Later that same day. I had come home after running errands. Simba was ready to go out to the garden for a tinkle. However today he decided that he was not happy with just going to the garden. He pulled for me to take a walk. He seemed very keen on all his senses today. I was sure he would find something to show me. We went back and forth by this house down the road. He was doing a lot of sniffing. I was standing there, feeling a deeper awareness within. I could feel it first without seeing it. I felt the air start to shift. I looked up and there was a a baby red woodpecker. It was so cute. I sat on the ground and just watched how he was using his head to clear out a hole in the tree. A baby hole! Simba and I I watched for a good 10 minutes. When I returned home, I looked up the meaning of the woodpecker. Which I'm going to share with you!

 Woodpecker: Connected to the heart of the Earth its self. New rhythms of shape shifting one's life. (How many times today did I see rhythms? This was the third one.) The red part on the head of the woodpecker reflects new stimulation of mental awareness. So all of the work of going deeper to understand the unknown, becomes known. This will affect a person's physical life as well. It also says to be true to your own unique rhythms that work for you. Be true to your own nature and embrace it. The foundation is strong and stable! Feel safe to be different! 

 I wanted to share my experiences with you. Please take the time to experience the flow of this amazing journey, we call life!



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