More experiences of Oct 23rd.

When I woke up in the morning. I felt energies that were so intense. I knew what kind of day it would be. A very revealing one! 

 Through out the whole day, I found feathers everywhere I went. Whenever I would go into a place and later leave, there would be a feather! Its like a smorgasbord of feathers raining. The raining of feathers, felt very freeing by the way. You can't help yourself, you just have to stop and take a very long deep breath. 

 It's interesting really! Feathers are related to air. The breath of life! It At that moment, it felt as if I was being dressed to look like a butterfly, so I could fly!

 I thought about the message because, that evening we were supposed to go and see a friend's altar. My friend had made an altar for the Day of the Dead. She was dedicating the altar for her father. On the way there, I thought of my dad and a way of celebrating him as well. My dad passed away on Thanksgiving last year. This Thanksgiving will make it one year. He has been in my thoughts a lot lately, as well as in my dreams. I stood there, being in the moment. I felt a cool breeze on my shoulder. I knew he was there with me. I asked him to come to me in animal form. Within minutes a hawk flew over my head. It hovered there for what felt like eternity. This is not the first time he came to me in the form of a bird. My daddy! To be there at this time with others sharing a tribute to their fathers. I felt so much energy. More important I felt my dad was with me!

 After we left, I felt like listening to my favorite music while driving around. There was a haunting breeze in the air. We were driving around in the Heights. I remember that I had my camera, so we turned to the most perfect corner. The sun was settling and the moon was rising. There was the most amazing white victorian house. I took out a my camera quickly to capture all the elements settling and rising. In the picture there was the most white orbs around this house. Just what I love! A good bit of mystery!

 During that evening I could feel the shift of the planets. I emailed my friend Alberto and asked if he could check the planets for me. He emailed me back saying that the sun had enter Scorpio. Scorpio is always mysterious. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto. Which is where my moon is placed.

 I felt so many things that evening! Of course there is more, isn't there always? 



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