John Lennon "Nowhere Boy"

On Oct 28th, I heard a voice say "Nowhere Boy" as I was waking up. This is a movie that I've been waiting to see. I heard the whisper in my ear again saying "Now is the time" and "If you don't go tonight it will not be showing in Houston after that." The movie is about John Lennon's earlier years. The story starts out as him being around 14 years old. The movie was so good, very intense, and sad. Inspiring every aspect of life that we all experience on our way. I did not want the movie to end. I wanted more. I left with the sense of wonder and curiosity.
On the way home, I turned his music on and looked out the window. The moon was bright and haunting. A cloud passed over it and another cloud lingered around it. It created such a mood! I heard an inner voice say "Go by the trees before you go home." So we went to the trees. I got out of my car with the music still playing, so I could dance under the moonlight. I knew for sure this was not the end of the story.
As I started to fall asleep that night, another message came to me. The message was "Be courageous and true to your life. Be inspired by the story of John Lennon. You are not a follower and you never have been." I smiled. It was like John actually talking to me himself. Through out the night I could see him so clearly. He was standing on the side of the street. I came out of my house and we smiled at each other. He then got into his car and was waving from the back seat. He drove off into the horizon. 
What an amazing life we can have if we chose to be true to ourselves. 



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