More with John Lennon!

On Oct 29th my day continued to be about John Lennon. I knew there would be more of the John Lennon story to unfold. 
I went to my favorite magazine story. They have the best magazines ever! They carry so many European magazines and avant guard. Styles as well as stories. They have mystical magazines. Whenever I go there I know that it helps me be in the moment, because you are there being inspired by all the images. They are my muse. It is a way for me to forget everything, be creative, and expanding. Find your way to create an awe and balance in your life! 
I smiled as I walked down an isle because there was three magazines sitting on the top shelf, just waiting for me to see them! It was a magical moment when you know that the universe and you share this secret. It might not seem like a big deal but it is a sense of humor that exists all the time. Do we feel, see, or hear it? I bought one and came home to read the whole magazine. This magazine had new things about John Lennon that I had not read before. There were stories behind his writing and music. One thing that stood out to me was when he mentioned how he say things differently and an unusual ways. He said he felt alone. I wonder how many people feel alone. Once we realize we are not alone, we can do anything! These unseen things have always existed and always will. Don't feel afraid to look into your own wonderland. Share with others. It's probably just what someone is waiting to hear, so they don't feel alone.
When Ronnie comes home in the evening it is a time when I share all my adventures of the day with him. Trust me there are so many stories that happen in one day. I can only share a few, otherwise I'd be glued to this computer and never have my experiences with wonder.
Back to the evening. After Ronnie and I ate dinner, he said he had to run to the store. Little did I know when he was checking out, the cashier's name was Lennon. Ronnie asked the man if his parents named him after John Lennon. The man said when he was younger, he did not like his name. As he grew up he felt different about it and felt that his parents had insight to give him and jump start him to be true to his self. When Ronnie came home, I had a feeling something unusual happened. I smiled and asked him about his trip to the store. 


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