The Edge of Dreaming

I was at our salon a couple of days ago, and one of the girls that work there asked me if I've heard of the movie titled "The Edge of Dreaming". I had not, so I got excited when I heard the name because it was something new to see and it sounded very interesting! I asked her where she had seen the movie, and she told me that it was on the internet at 

Later when we all got home, we tried to set up the computer to watch the movie. Now this is where all the fun started! We tried to get the movie to play. We kept trying until we realized my computer was just not going to work. Next, we tried using my friend Alberto's computer. To use his, we had to go and buy a cable, so we did. We returned home and set everything up. Then we find out out that Alberto's computer sound was not strong enough. In order to fix this we had to connect his computer to my computer. This makes his computer run the movie, and my computer run the sound. The sound would cut off at different times, but I was too determined to watch the movie. We finally got it to work, and it was definitely worth the wait! I would love to see more of that woman's projects, and watch as she continues on with her experiences with the unknown. 

After the movie, we went to our forest. As we drove down North Blvd, I heard an inner voice say to visit the tree, and to stand with my back against the tree. So I went and stood next to the tree. I paused for a moment against the tree, and rested my mind, just being. When I started to walk away, the guys took a picture of me. In the picture, my head had been replaced by an amazing green orb!!! 

The movie "The Edge of Dreaming" is based on a true story. If you are interested in watching it, just click the link below. I highly recommend it!


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