Crows and Hawks on Halloween!

 Oct 31st Halloween

 I want to share to facts about Halloween. It is a Celtic holiday. It is the end of the lunar calendar. It is basically the end of the year. Nov 1st is the new year. Its about old symbolic meaning of death. Remember the whole month has been aligned with a lot of room to grow with our senses. I wish you had some time to reflect about the month of October and how do you wish to create with what you learned from the month of October using your new and improved senses.

 Now to my story for Halloween.

 I went to the Gem and Jewelry show. I love going there. This time I was looking for something related to my visions that I've had in the last few weeks. I was also looking for jewelry of animals that I feel a strong connection with. I didn't see anything in the first couple isles. All of a sudden I found a great piece that I had been looking for online for about three months. There is was shining like a bright star. Again that inner smile warms my heart. Well maybe I should say my child like nature. There were so many things to choose from. I walked around waiting to see them from a different angle. LIke a cat watching its prey. Now I had my treasures with me in my trick or treat bag. Which for sure turns out to be a treat. On our way home "the wild bunch" starts talking at the same time, joking, and teasing one another. This is the tricky part. The humor with everyone is so so different. The trick is not to lose the humor.

 I heard "drive by North Blvd." It is the place I take a lot pictures and share many adventures with you. I said lets drive up a bit further. We start to go back on the other side. I asked if we could stop. We were sitting there and everyone was quiet for a few minutes. Right in front of our car there were crows, not just a couple but six crows and then there were two hawks chasing them right over our car. I got out of the car and there was one crow sitting on a branch. I started talking to the crow and his head started to turn from one side to another. It was like watching national geographic. They were a real wild bunch. I was in awe for sure. I looked at everyone, they were in awe as well.

 I started to count the number of birds. Eight was the magical number. Infinite!  I would like to share that the hawk mean messenger and they were chasing the crows. The crows stayed together as a pack. They showed me their fearlessness again the predator. Crow means ritual. so if you create a ritual of good thoughts, when a predator of our own minds appear we have the pack of good thoughts to create the right message. Then you have manifested what you really wanted.

 It was becoming dusk and the children were coming out as all different characters of nature. The wild ones. It is so amazing to see everyone using their creativity. We were driving around watching and being apart of everything. I know that I have been given the best candy ever. I had the experience to be part of the wild ones and still have the sweetness. 



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