Fairy Godmother


Oct 30th 2010

 When I was in bed that morning, I started to reflect about how I had come to a decision about what to be for a costume party that I was going to attend that evening. It was going to be a massive party and I was going to be attending as a reader. This year's theme was the Wizard of Oz. I knew right away I wanted to be a fairy godmother. The events of my choice would manifest very quickly as they usually do. On my way to take Ronnie to work, I saw a young man laying down on the sidewalk by some plants. This was the first cool morning in Houston. It was clear that I had to rush home and create a goodie bag. I went through the whole house so fast, like a whirl wind, completely listening to my intuitive self. I go through Ronnie's closest getting a very warm cashmere sweater as well as new t-shirts, underwear, and socks etc. I had put everything in this backpack that I have never used. Next I went for the food. Grabbing things that I knew would not spoil and added $20.00. That was the number I heard. I also wanted to write him a note. As I wrote the note I felt such a great sense of joy because I was having the experience to be a fairy godmother. In my note I said "This is from your fairy Godmother. I wish that these gifts will make your day more enjoyable.".

  Out the door I went with my magic wand. Well maybe my magic back pack. As soon as I closed the car door, I heard "What if he is gone?" and I felt it very strong. I drove up to where he was sleeping, and he was gone all within 10 minutes. Remember I was rushing around like a whirl wind. So I drove up and down the roads, looking left and then right. I was listening for guidance from the knowing without seeing first. I couldn't find him, so I circled around. I heard "Go to the park." I did just that. I saw a different young man with his bike. He was resting as well. His head was covered. I drove around once more to make sure I felt that it was the right place. I parked my car and walked up to put the magical bag done near him. He was on the bench. I said "Excuse me sir" a couple times. As I started to walk away, he looked up at me and then down at the bag. We smiled at each other. The very first thing he looked at was my note. We both experienced in that moment we were each other's fairy godmother. I was on cloud 9. Total happiness. 

 So what seemed like a fairy tale story became a reality. You know something! I have a secret to share with you! They happy every day!!!




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