December forecast by Jo

There are some energies brewing with the planets. Lets make the most of them. I wanted to share some creative ways that I will celebrate the changes. 
Talk about a start! I feel the urge to get things done and I have the energy to go with it. I want to make the most of these energies coming through this month. 
Lets talk about the first one! New Moon in Sagittarius on December 5th. Sagittarius is a fire sign. The theme for this month is to create and transform. I have started with taking a walk every day. I make sure to stop to watch, listen, and learn from nature. I look at how the animals are playful and full of energy. I am in Houston so I can get out and enjoy the weather here. I know in most places it is a lot colder than here. 
I also have to say when I smell the fire buring in the fire places it's a memory from childhood. So it's very exciting for me to have a hint of winter here. I feel I am getting more excited as my senses are alive and fresh. 
Take some time to sit by a tree and write a letter to youself. Make it fun with out the boundaries of why and how. Just do it!
Here are some more ideas on how to create and transform this month:
Get a new haircut or a new look. Something like we only see in magazines and we think that it wouldn't look good on us. 
Start cleaning out your closet or rearranging your room. 
Try a new restaurant.
This is our last new moon of the year, so how we create is a preview of what our new year will look like. Lets create what we want, not what we don't want. 
Oh yea another idea! You could always have a session with me! ;-)


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