Full Moon, Eclipse, and the Winter Solstice (Yule)

The full moon will be in Cancer. The sun will enter Capricorn. There will be a lunar eclipse. All of these events on the Winter Solstice. 
Every full moon as a powerful affect on our planet and each other.
With this full moon, we will have more dreams and deeper feelings of everything around you. Make sure when you are feeling something that you know where it is coming from. That will be a good question to keep asking yourself.
Also things from the past could show up. It could manifest in people, feelings, dreams, and/or memories. There is a deep sense that there is something stirring. You just feel it. If these energies become too strong for you then you could always take a walk or jog. Maybe you could even have a good cry or a good laugh. Just know what works for you.
For those who like even more mystery, this is the time for very powerful realizations. Expanding one's mind and increasing the use of the third eye. Take a walk a few nights before the full moon and let your senses be wild and full of adventure. The treasure hunt is sure to be there. You could always have a picnic under the full moon. Leave some offering to our fairies for those who believe. For those who don't could just give it a try!
Yule is about fire, warmth, home, friends, and loved ones. As well as those who have passed away.
So have a warm heart and open mind for the month of December. These things we can take with us into the new year.
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