Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes into retrograde on December 10th. The full effects will be finished before we go into the new year. It will be in Capricorn, which is connected to the root chakra. This makes nature play a very important role during this time of the year. 
This is a good time to finish and start with the things we have been saying we would. Instead just saying I would like to do this or that and never do them. This month is all about the new and letting go of the old.
Have you ever tried carrying around a small bag of potatoes for a day? We might think it's no big deal until we actually do it.
The key phase for this retrograde is to "be patient".
Take a long slow and deep breath.
Reflect before we speak.
Remember to breathe while you are on the road.
So my personal advice is to listen to some relaxing or fun music while on the road or in traffic. Remember that when you are standing in line at the store. Keep that tune close to your ears. Oh yeah and add a drop of lavender to the tip of your nose and temple. This will help you spread calmer energy to everyone, including yourself.
Communication is very important, so be clear and calm.
To help the extra energy we might be feeling from the enviroment and others is to stay grounded. Take time to finish those things you said you would. This way there will be room for the new.


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