Chanel and the Rabbit

 Today, while Ronnie and I were out, he was asking me about when we can go to Florida. I said we have to check the weather first! We looked online, and of course there was a storm brewing. I said I also want to show you some photos of Chanel online. Just then, they announced on tv, that Chanel images were coming up next. So you see, messages are not limited to one area. It’s in every aspect, no matter how small, we are shown connections and confirmations that messages can be in our lives. Even for fun things.

 Tonight I went to the tree, even though I was tired, so I could offer some snacks for our "friends". Popcorn and cookies! As we drove up, I saw something near the tree. I was so excited! Like a little girl at Christmas. She was there! (the rabbit), and she looked bigger than before. We made eye contact, and I left her the offering. As I drove away, I thought about the timing, why now?

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