Eventful Things

 Today, when I got up to feed the birds and squirrels, they were waiting and chirping. It makes me happy to see them waiting for their food. It’s really amazing. It does not take much to start a menagerie outside your own house. I have the opportunity to watch them, so every night before I go to bed, I have to search out the next days offering. This is usually the first connection I have with mother nature every day.

 This morning I saw a frog, and it is one of my totems. I knew there were very eventful things to happen in the works for the next few days. Tonight, when I went to visit my tree, which has an amazing trunk and roots, there it was! Mister froggy appeared from his little home underneath the raised roots. He came out and sat on the root. I went up to him, and he let me touch him. Then he went back into his home, and sang his song once he got there. Remember, they can call the elements, like the wind and water.

 Then I went to the tree and gave it a kiss (yes a kiss). I love my tree!! I returned to the car to take a picture, and something amazing happened next!!! Right where I gave the tree a kiss, was a blue orb! I will share the picture soon. I know there will be another day full of wonderful experiences to share with you.

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