Inspired and Smiling

 On Sunday morning, I was taking my time getting ready to go out. I had a client at 12:00 pm, and I just had to be in the right moment. You know timing is everything! As I walked outside, I could not help but notice this striking older lady walking towards me.  As she walked past, I said hello. Truth be told, my five-pound Chihuahua wanted to eat her. The woman was dressed kind of like a hippie.  I had never seen her before.  I thought I had noticed her wearing a pentacle. She passed by, but I was very curious, so I said, "come on Ronnie, let's get in the car and see where she is going." We drove to the bottom of our street, where we saw her cross. She was walking towards our shop, where we had already planned to visit. So we drove past her and parked our car in the parking lot.  Ronnie said to get out and talk to her, so I did. I jumped out of the car and said, "hello, my name is Jo Ann." I asked her about her necklace, and she confirmed my thoughts. She was Wiccan, and, to my surprise, she was English. I had been reading British magazines all morning about the people and their lifestyles.  I thought, "very interesting." I told her what I do, and I invited her to come see my shop. I felt very excited because I knew at that moment my helpers had sent me a sign to keep me going forward. Some might say that is a small sign! But my translation is very different, we can choose to brush things off, or that we are too busy to think about it.  For me, it was magical.  An unusual lady, English, confident. The sign was so simple it might have even slipped past me. The message was very profound when I put the pieces together. 

 Sometimes we feel that people take us for granted, and that we are not appreciated. It’s natural if it does not take a lot to get us excited and inspired. We can count ourselves lucky. For me, it does not matter if this goes anywhere or becomes a friendship. It's just in the moment, the magic was there, so I was inspired and I smiled. You know the unknown, or the spirits, always know. The helpers know what to give, and when to give it. As long as we are aware, we get these messages that are meant to keep us going forward. She is very different, and I just loved it. I just felt that it gave me a great start to a great day yesterday. That was magic. Something so simple, yet so profound, that makes me happy and keeps the magic in my heart. It keeps the inspiration in my eyes, and my mind going forward.

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