The Treasure Hunt

 I went to the tree with Ronnie, and I felt we were supposed to hold hands. I asked the Helpers to help us to win pick 3 (lottery) just a little, and we won $80 that evening...YAY! That night, six lights were out out there, and everything was so dark and mysterious. A black cat was sitting out there.

 The next day, I went to the tree, and the light has been replaced. It was not as dark, and there was no black cat. I found this very interesting now that we are moving into a new moon. The other lights were still out. I drove on down to the other tree, and there was toad sitting on the roots just waiting to say hello.

 One morning last week  I heard a bump in the night, and it even woke Ronnie up a bit. Before I started to fall back asleep, I looked around the room a bit, and I saw a gargoyle at the foot of my bed looking at me. I rubbed my eyes again to see if I was awake, and yes, there it was just sitting there looking at me.  As I turned to look out my window through the blinds, I saw amazing glow of gold light coming through, so I knew for sure when I saw the gargoyle, it meant protection. That was at 5:10 am, so I went back to sleep. When I awoke after about a hour, I got up and found a glass bowl on the floor, but it wasn't broken. The interesting thing is, is that it was very secure on the table, not near a edge. So I knew at that moment that I was supposed to wake up and see my protector the gargoyle that night.

 The same day of the vision, I went to TJ Max, and something said to go next door to Marshalls. It's another store, so when I went in. I let my intuition begin the adventure! I went down one isle, and they had Halloween things out already. There was a lady looking at something on the other side of the isle, so I could not look on that side. So I walked away, and I knew I would go around to get a different angle. When I got around, she was at the other side, still blocking my view. I knew there had to be a message there for me, so I waited another five minutes. When I went back, I started the treasure hunt, and there it was! It was completely amazing. I had found the GARGOYLE SITTING THERE EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE IN MY VISION! EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE AND EXPRESSION! I LOVE THE FEELING WHEN THIS HAPPENS! MAGICAL SIGNS AND INNER SMILES!!!!!!!

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