My Dear Coco R.I.P.

 A real goddess: Coco!


 Sadly, this morning my beloved dog Coco passed away. She was about 14 years old and very much an important part of my family. Coco grew up with my children. She came into my life when my husband and I got our first house together. When I went to the place to buy a puppy, there were about 10 different chihuahua puppies. The man that was selling the puppies kept showing me all these very active little babies. As I turned my head, I seen Coco hiding under a table. It was love at first peek. I KNEW she was mine, and she knew she was mine. Coco walked out to me. She was so small that she fit right in my purse. I could carry her everywhere. She was a protector, and was fierce and proud. For those who knew her, she was gentle and loving. Her zodiac sign was Leo. 

 Coco brought life to our home and to our hearts. She will always live in my heart, and will be greatly missed.  I know she will be with us in spirit. Now she is with our Joe. 

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