The Yorkshire Pudding Fire

 On Tuesday, (ruled by Mars) my husband had made shepherd's pie, and he wanted to make yorkshire pudding. I asked him not to. I did not have a good feeling about it. He went ahead and made it anyway. I went out to get the laundry, and when I returned, I heard the fire alarm going off. All I could see through my back door was smoke. 

 Oil from the yorkshire pudding had spilled into the oven. It was a gas oven at that! Luckily, the flames stayed in the oven. My husband, Ronnie, and my son, Robert, were able to put the fire out. They used towels that said "Willow" on them. 

 My friend Christina, who was there as well, looked up the meaning of Willow. Willow is related to water, the Moon, and Hecate. Christina also looked up Yorkshire Goddesses. The pictures she found of the Yorkshire Goddess "Brigantia" were pretty interesting. 

 Here are the pictures:

 This shows me that the Water/Moon/Hecate energy far outweighed the power of brigantias fire


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