Connecting the Gargoyles.

 One night, I was awakened by the call of nature. The bathroom! As I was opening my eyes, I saw something at the bottom of my bed. As I focused in, I realized I was looking at a gargoyle. Not your every day vision. Even stranger, it was a baby gargoyle! Wow! I knew this wasn't a dream. (Remember the bathroom?!) What a strange sight! Well, probably not for me, but still. I hadn't seen or read anything, that I could think of, that could spark this unusual sight. 

 The next few days leading up to my trip to Florida, I searched everywhere to find a connection to my message. No luck! Three days later, I was off to Florida. My magical place! Lo and behold that's where I find my message in a small garden nursery. There it was, only one! A statue of a baby! Yes, a baby gargoyle!

 Guess where he resides now?  


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