Orbs of Coco

 Another Christina moment.

 While under Christina's magical hands, the thought came to me to talk to Coco, my dearly departed dog of 14 years. I asked her to appear to me. I more specifically asked her to show herself as a blue or green orb.

 Christina finished her session with me, and later that evening we went to my tree. We gave our offering, then drove around our magical forest. We spied one of our herons that call the forest home. We stopped no more than eight feet from him. Christina told Ronnie to take a picture. He said we were too far away, and that we would not get anything in the picture. Christina said, "what about an orb?" We snapped four or five pictures, and in each one a blue orb progressively grew bigger until the last one was enormous. 

 We drove to where Coco is buried to say hello to her. As I was about to drive off, I took another picture, and there was the green orb in it. 

 She is with me all the time. I see her so clearly. 

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