The Magical Cycles of Life

 Birth, Death, and Rebirth. Everyone experiences it. We all deal with intense emotions when going through the process of life and death. We have been dealing with those emotions this past week at the Anderson household. 

 I came to visit Jo and Ronnie before I had my baby. While I was here, Coco had passed away. Making everyone that knew our little spicy Coco, very sad. At the same time, we are all excited for the coming of my daughter, Lilith Moon. How do we deal with such extreme differences in emotions? It's definitely part of everyone's journey. This was a reminder to us, that it's all in the cycle of life. Everyday, someone or something moves on. Everyday, something is born. 

 Yesterday, Jo, Ronnie, and I went to our forest to take pictures of my growing belly, and baby! As we were heading towards our car to leave, Jo spotted a beautiful red mushroom growing. The mushroom shows us that magic is always around, so enjoy the journey as it comes. If we look for magic and balance in our everyday lives, then we create magic in our everyday lives! 




 It is said that our fairy, elf, and gnome friends live and play under mushrooms!

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