The Visitor

 A few days after our Yorkshire Pudding Fire, we decided to switch the oven on to the self cleaning, and let it have a go at itself (what a fabulous invention!). After about about five minutes, we had smoke everywhere. Obviously it needed a good cleaning! It was definitely time for an outing.

 I took Christina, my friend visiting from Ohio, to one of my favorite shops. It has the most unique things, but often at unique prices, so I have to look carefully. We both spotted great necklaces, old keys inscribed with "fab" sayings. We both went for the one inscribed with the word "Infinite". Smiling like kids in the candy store, we grabbed a necklace each and headed through the isles. 

 Still in our child-like state, we graduated to a colorful counter with lots of fun pieces. We found a little bag of different sized bunnies and simple cardboard cutouts that were colorful and fun. It's amazing, in a shop selling French antiques for thousands of dollars, that they still have inexpensive, imaginative trinkets!

 We head home with a bag full of treasures, and Christina promised me a magical energy session. An energy session with Christina for me is a gem. She has a perfect touch, working on my head, hands, and feet. I become so mushy! As soon as she started working on me, I saw a flying rabbit! I told her what I was seeing, and she finished the sentence for me saying it was white, which it was. As she was telling me what she was seeing, she also noticed something on a top shelf in my room. She asked what I pictured behind my books. Of course it was a rabbit!

 I stopped talking to enjoy the session, but the rabbit kept peeking at me. Then I remembered the moon would be full on Thursday. The rabbit is connected to the moon cycles, and when I go to my special tree to feed the animals, I have a special relationship with a rabbit there.

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