Two Days In The Forest.

 Diary of the past two days.  Sightings and connections                                                      


 I feed the blue jays every morning. A baby has joined the group.

 Last night, Sasha, my daughter, arrived with a baby blue jay feather in her hand. It was lying on my door step. Sasha said, "This is a message for you, Mommy."

 As soon as Robert, my son, took our dog Simba out for a walk, he found a possum in our garden. 

 Two nights ago, my friend, Christina, was working on papers, and she heard an owl just outside our window. 

 We have seen our heron friend two nights in a row, in the exact same spot. He never moves when we stop.


 Every evening, I leave a small gift on one of the most beautiful trees in our forest. In the morning, I collect another gift that has been left by a mysterious friend. (This is a magically story that I have to tell later!) 

 To keep our gifts hidden, we put them high on the tree and cover them with large pieces of old bark.

 This morning, I picked up the bark, and then picked up the plastic bag that my gift was in. To my wonderful surprise, there sat a frog!  Actually, he was lying down wedged between the limbs of the tree. To me, this was such an incredible moment. This frog was lying five feet up a tree underneath a magical gift for me!

 How much do we see in a day?

 I've seen:

-Blue Jays



-Rabbit (remember the visitor?)




 All part of my personal totems!!! 

 These had magical, direct messages for me, over and above the other amazing things I see in a day!





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