Octoberfest (my message for the next few days)

 A festival of the mind. The darkness, the light, ghosties and ghoulies, history, the present,  myths and legends . So much to choose from. Let's take the time to celebrate this month of sensing . Use our intuition, and embrace it. Maybe what you see out the corner of your eye is real!!! Don't always dismiss it as a shadow but push your mind to the new limits of the unknown. Different cultures celebrate different things at this time of year. Dia de los muertos, All saints day, All souls day. Celebrations of death and life.  A good time to remind us to celebrate this amazing life we have. Both the material and the cosmic. Time to leave little offerings and treats for the ghosts. Remember that is how I met my elf!! Leaving a gift on a tree. It's fun to leave gifts on trees or other meaningful parts of nature for one and other! You can always leave a surprise on a doorstep. Your secret gift to spark a thought for someone else.

mystical couture