I woke up this morning to see Trish,s mantra for the day. A routine i,ve been noticing recently is that between five and six thirty am i hear the mantra words we,re going to use over and over .  Where do these messages come from ? There,s an inner voice that comes through years of practice and experience , seeing and eventually believing in your own ability as you,re repeatedly shown the proof of an open channel . The word that came to me this morning was ritual . My morning ritual is to feed my wild birds , blue jays ,pidgeons ,cardinals etc, but today i had some special guests return for a visit . Three crows decided to join our breakfast . The message of the crow is ritual and magic ,and as we all know the month of October opens the door for these practices . Would,nt it be nice to carry this on through the year and dedicate all the other months to new fun rituals in our lives .Use our crown chakra to clear the mind and go in new directions

mystical couture