cats and dogs !!!!

Todays weather was the most magical in a long time . The sky opened up for most of the day and it poured ,cats and dogs ! Actually , this story is just about that , well, leaning more towards the cats  .  Rango and Priscilla , the cats that adopted us not that long ago , were nowhere to be seen for most of the day , cant blame them ,,it was bucketing down all day !!! This goes back to my seeing with the senses , some people say its second nature but i tend to say its my first. I heard [ more like felt] go to the bushes at the back of the garden , so off i went . As i got to the bushes ,Rango appeared , he cant meow , poor baby, he has some kind of impediment so he can never let you know he,s around . Good thing he adopted me as you definately have to use your senses to know he,s looking for you !               Remember full moon on tuesday, keep your emotions in check and let creativity come to the fore !!! 

mystical couture