who am I !!

Have you ever noticed how many of us are right . The world according to me !! So many of us live our lives knowing we,re right , it,s in our nature to argue our point . Thats where the stuborn comes in , strong willed , you know how it goes !!   So many times , in my youth , I would stick to my guns rather than stop,, think  and realize , maybe the other person has a point . I think there are times when we,ve all lived our lives , doing things a certain way , knowing we,re right , without really realizing the mistakes we make ,,repeatedly , because that,s who we are . Only problem is ,,do we really know who we are ?  I,ve met so many people  , myself included ,,who do loads of new things every week , in the name of growing .  A recent quote I loved ,'' from a young girl actually '',, was ,   '' I,m not looking for who i am ,I already know that '' !!   How many of us can actually say that .

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