I had a mani pedi on halloween morning , had the witches claws sharpened for the evening !!! Spent the day preparing with a dear friend .[ See the picture ]  Doing some girly witch things,,shopping for clothes , shoes etc . We all got together in the evening ,created an offering table ,took lots of pics , ate some yummy food , in between feeding the little monsters coming to the door . We then took a walk to the old oaks with our glasses of cranberry juice in our hands to give thanks to all the souls that have passed on who were pioneers for free thinking . That have enabled us to live our lives today ,,we toasted to the celts ,our small clan of five , thanking them for our heritage .  I,m sharing this day hopefully to inspire us all to live our lives to the fullest each and every day .   thank you Christina for helping me on my journey [ she is in photo on 'chakra of the week ' pictured on her home state of Ohi]  love !

mystical couture