I've had my fair share of bird adventures, allways aware of surroundings i,ve found quite a few injured or young feathered friends. Most recently I somehow managed to find a beautiful little baby on a busy road , dont know how he made it as this was a really busy ,three laned race track ,actually . Remember ,,urban !  I managed to cover him with a coat ,after an exciting chase around a car park . He was not your normal city bird , i did,nt recognise him , small body with a long beak .  I got him to the wildlife centre with the help of a good friend ,,shout out to you laura ,, she found out he is a virginia rail ,,seemingly very rare . This taught me my lesson for the day, You ,me ,Laura , we are all rare brds , individuals , perfectly capable of doing great things  each and every day. I,ve found doing what others might think are mundane deeds , to give me the greatest rewards and life lessons .  

mystical couture