amazing gift of life

This really is a great time of year ,more people come out to help others in need ,  and in doing this it makes us realize just how lucky we are in life. I visited our local park this morning as I know we have a few of lifes travelers there in the morning . One in particular usually parks himself there with his dog [ two socks] , so I used them to allow me a little selfish indugence by feeding them both and doing a coffee run for two socks daddy . It was win win as they had a good morning and so did I . As I said , there are loads of people come out this time of year to give ,so lets send out a big thank you to the universe for all that they do and wish for that help to carry on through the year.  It truly does give us an adrenalin rush for life  p s do the nike ,  ,just do it  

mystical couture