hugo the movie

Went to see it and personally loved it . One of the lines is ,'' like living your dreams during the day '' This movie was like living my dreams in film , it was full of situations or dialogue I have been experiencing over the recent months . Lots of french signs , vaudville , panache , shiva , timeless is classic , I found a really big french clockface ,mermaids , a muse , pioneers . Full of unusual words or pieces i,ve been noticing . The list is massive and more than anything ,,  is really full of intregue and excitement for me ,,   but it did make me more aware of something i,ve been saying for some time . Live your dreams . I feel I,ve been aware of so much recently and what I,ve been seeing is from my dreams . Then I see a film with loads , I mean loads , of things i,ve been seeing .  For me ,,the perfect circle of life.  

mystical couture