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Hello blog friends! 

   This is Christina! You may know of me from "What's with the planets?". (Yes I know I'm behind for November ekk) I was talking to Jo last night about my juicing and getting healthy and she asked me to share some of my journey with all of you! 

So here we go! Everyone have their seat belts fastened? Get comfortable as I take you for a ride with me and my friend Chyrl and my experiences with a 60 day juicing extravaganza. We are only on day 4 and boy has it been a trip! We are both stay at home wives and mothers. Chyrl's husband works full time and is a full time student in college for his double masters in accounting and finance! My husband is away training with the Air Force. So for the time being my daughter Lilith and I are staying with Chyrl and her family. She has two kids living at home. Savannah is 12 and Jamieson is 3. We are pretty busy non stop. Most people take time to rest during the first few days of juicing. We do not have that option. We are documenting our juicing and have hopes of turning it into a book. We will talk about our experiences, juicing on a budget, what you can and can't juice, recipes that we threw together, and cooking for a family when you are fasting. 

Our main reason for this juice fast is to get healthy and reboot our system. Our bodies have been so out of whack with what we have put in it. We have so much pain that we shouldn't. Oh yes and we would like to lose a few (or a GOOD few) pounds. Afterwards we plan on going vegan. I will be cutting out gluten too. We are already vegetarian. 

So what inspired us to do a 60 day juice? For a few years I have been interested in juicing and fasting. I just never pushed myself to do it. Well one night Chyrl, Savannah, my sister Kayci, and I watched a documentary called "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" This man is over weight and has a rare disease. He asked himself why can't his body heal from the inside like it can the outside? We decided to do it ourselves and went out and bought a juicer! So here we are! 

This is probably the worst time for anyone to be fasting. We will be fasting all of November and December (minus the very last day). So we will be making Thanksgiving dinner and Yule/Christmas dinner for everyone and enjoying our juice! During this time my daughter will have her first birthday and I will have my 24th. So while on average most people put on their weight during holiday season, we will be losing! 

I personally feel fine so far. My friend Chyrl is in a lot of pain because her ankle is in really bad shape. The doctors pretty much told her the only way to fix it is to cut it off. Her body is in over drive trying to heal itself and get rid of all the toxins built up. I do notices I get very short tempered when I haven't had any juice for a while and my blood sugar drops. After I have my glass or two of juice I'm normally all better! 

I will be weighing myself every 10 days. I started out at 184lbs. I put on A LOT of weight since being pregnant and having my daughter. I suffered PPD (postpartem depression) and had a really hard time getting the weight off. My friend and I also suffer from Bi Polar Disorder. (We are seeing if this helps our mental health too) My weight before I got pregnant was 135. Chyrl I think is going to weigh herself every 10 days too but she gave in yesterday morning and weighed herself. She has already lost 6 pounds from the first two days of juicing! Along with weighing ourselves every 10 days we will measure ourselves too. Every night we take pictures in the same outfit. My husband is going to make a slideshow for us after the 60 days. 

After the 60 days we will begin to introduce solid foods into our diet again. Only for the first two months we will eat nothing but whole gains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. We will still have a juice or two during the day and keep a lot of the food raw. By March we should be done but we plan on incorporating this into our every day lives. 


To make this beet juice (or as we call Type O Negative) in the picture above:

3 beets

3 carrots

2 apples

6 kale leaves

1 in piece of ginger


This is a strong juice. It was hard for Chyrl to stomach it. Then again she isn't a big fan a beets.

My daughter Lilith Moon (Jo's god(dess) daughter) likes it though! 


If you are interesting in checking out the documentaries we watched here are some links!

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