winters dream

Happy equinox , Hanukkah, Christmas and more . Now is a great time of celebration so remember to celebrate our most precious commodities , our lives and mother nature . Its time to appreciate our families and friends and again , those less fortunate . More and more people are realising our planet is being beaten up by yours truly , us !!! . I,m not going to go all activist on you, again , a lot of us have been following the path of the planet and are tuned into its plight . So lets get a bit of santa spirit and try to give back to mother earth. Another thought , last christmas I heard the John lennon song in shops ,So this is christmas , have'nt heard it this year so I'm wondering if they finally saw the video for the song . It's an incredibly powerful , sobering film , one I,ve watched many times to make me realize just how lucky we are and how sad it makes me, to see how humans can behave   John Lennon 

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