Shannon , Candice and myself created a new moon gathering this past saturday . We came together to give thanks to all the pioneers who have given us the oppertunity to be who we are today . The people who endured incredible odds to give us freedom to be free thinkers, to allow us to choose our individual paths in life . As I love to look at the planets and how they effect us I noted that the new moon was in the sign sagitarius which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter was in retrograde up to the time we were gathering and went direct for the new moon . This planet represents good fortune ,grace ,good luck so you catch the vibe ,,,yeah !That night ,while still fighting my flu , I drifted in and out of sleep on the couch while the telly was on . I woke at one time (2 a.m. ,actually )  while the movie ''enough '' was playing , just in time to see a part where the girl visits her estranged dad to ask for help . His name ,,oh yeah!!  Jupiter !! She asked for help , he hesitated , she said ,remember you,re named after the almighty Jupiter , who can do anything .   I thought , was.nt that perfect timing to see yet another sign, An unusual connection ,I had to be awake at that time , as i,m never up that late, to be on the right station to see that part of the film . Such a wonderful world of possibilities

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