stephens card

My beautiful card from Stephen, I really feel this came from your heart .

Birds sing ,squirrels dance from limb to limb as the trees leaves sway to smile in your presence.

The morning fog and dew dissapate to feel your clarity, to feel your compassion and sacredness.

You are a true vessel of nature,s magic.

A protector of animals , our precious spirits and a a new breath of a voice  that speaks as a gift from the universe.

You are the woman that dedicates your undying love to everything that lives.

Just as trees envelope and stand their ground through rain and seemingly unbearable winds to protect its path ,you sacrifice to stand tall to still lead the way and shine of the beautiful divine.

Staying true and unwavering

Staying true and unwavering.

And as these trees begin to disappear and the path cracks with the elapsing of time I will be right here with you, to embrace timelessness with the strenght I gained from your amazing example ,,,,I love you ,,stephen

The card is has a picture of a tree lined path in my neighborhood, thank you stephen 

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