toast to 2012

Here we are !! It,s just another day ,yet it,s such a big one . I wonder how many people are thinking over the past year , all the emotions of everything that happened , good , great , fun, sad,   I know we could go on and on with the list . Then there,s the next part ,,this coming year ,no matter what , it,s going to be better . Resolutions ,promises , pacts, you name it , we,ve got big plans to make this year great.  In the past few months I,ve experienced friends ,aquantances , strangers , who have all made me realize just how lucky I am to have the one thing that means it all in life ,, peace of mind . I have the piece of mind to know I,m healthy and I,ve been taught that recently . So ,, I wish to send that out to the universe on this beautiful foggy day in Houston , to ask nothing for me ,but to wish for everyone to send out peace of mind to the universe , so that maybe someone can feel that amazing gift . ,, Let,s toast to each other to be more humane to us and everything on this beautiful planet .   I off to Florida , see you on wednesday ,,,,,love 

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