Important and powerful new moon: April 3rd.

The new moon in Aries is at 10:32am (EST) on April 3rd. This moon will be joined by five other planets in Aries. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are all going to be in Aries on the 3rd of April. Sun and Moon both being 13 degrees. With 6 planets being Aries together means business. You will see new beginnings. There will be no stopping it. If there is something that you want to start or move towards this is the time! Not only do you have all these powerful energy from all the planets in Aries, you have Pluto squaring all of them. Squares are karmic. Saturn will also be at opposition of the Sun and Moon. This is a time to be on the watch for earthquakes and it is advised to stay away from any fault lines. 

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