Pisces New Moon on March 4th

Pisces dominates this New Moon at 13° 56″ Pisces on March 4, 2011 12:47 PM PST. There are five planets in the twelfth sign of the zodiac, immersing us in this subtle water sign – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Uranus along with the asteroid, Chiron.

Where ever Pisces falls in your chart deserves your full attention on this lunation because if you have unfinished business there, now is the time to address it. If there ever was an ideal time to quietly sort through the matters of the house Pisces rules in your chart, this is it. Once the Aries volume starts cranking up, that’s it, folks! Remember Jupiter led the way into Aries with Mercury following him on March 9 and the biggie, Uranus, on March 11.

Speaking of Jupiter in Aries, he is part of a small triangular formation with Mars in Pisces at the apex and the waning square to Pluto in Capricorn as the base. This gives Mars in Pisces far more edge than he usually has and normally mild mannered types could surprise their friends and co-workers by standing up for themselves and speaking out in defense of their cherished compassionate values. Pisces is often the champion of the underdog and those who cannot defend themselves. Besides most Pisces folks often have a Scorp or three for back up, not to mention friends in high places (Pluto in Capricorn).

Pisces, in my opinion, is often underestimated because they are chameleons, happy to show others the face they want to see while keeping far more to themselves. It has been said Pisces has a bit of all the signs within them and that’s why they are so good at blending in. Whimsical, amusing, generally kind and as tough as nails is a fair description of your average Pisces.

Saturn in Libra is inconjunct the New Moon, providing support with reservations. Libra and Pisces are generally pretty friendly but they do have different priorities. Saturn in Libra is committed to fairness and equity from an intellectual perspective while the New Moon in Pisces illuminates the need for compassion first and foremost. Both parties can be satisfied though because compromise is in both Libra and Pisces vocabularies.

Venus is newly arrived in cool, detached Aquarius and forms no major aspects at this time. Venus in Aquarius can be described as faithful but not rigid and not given to jealousy. Love is more of an intellectual exercise than expression of passion under this influence. Besides, most of us will be too busy taking care of old business to make time for romance right now anyway.

This is a very focused New Moon chart with Saturn in Libra as the leading planet of a Bowl Pattern, making it easier than usual for normally languid Pisces to step up and get things done. Just remember to be kind and forgiving of others as you bustle around wrapping up all those loose ends!



Source: http://www.libraseekingbalance.com/archives/3973

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