Mercury Retrograde starts March 30th 2011

Mercury goes into retrograde on March 30th and does not go direct until April 23rd. 

"A Retrograde period is when caution, carefulness and retrospection is a necessity to avoid glitches, personal misunderstanding, flawed, disrupted, and delayed communications with ourselves and others."

"With the retrograde in a fire and cardinal sign, it is reminding us to monitor our actions and impulses to avoid frustrations and disappointments.  That haste makes waste is no idle saying of those who came before us.  The necessity to make things happen is at the front of our thoughts and actions at this time, and possibly without the forethought and preparation, that at other times we would carry out and think about.  Whether it is the action of others, or actions instigated by our own ambitions and desires, the keywords are caution and alertness in preparing to fulfill our wishes.  With Uranus about to enter the sign of Aries, change is no longer a thought in consciousness, but the actual need to bring it into reality.  Uranus always needs to be handled with a kid glove and care, but with the retrograde, our logical and sensibility are handicapped.  The key thought here is not to act on a hunch, impulse or the hearsay of others, without thoroughly understanding the situation and our responsibility for our actions and our thoughts when the results come in."



Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Aries on March 30th and will be in that sign the entire period of it’s retrograde journey. If there was a zodiacal hot spot this would be it. As Mercury does it’s retrograde dance in Aries it will be accompanied by Jupiter and Uranus and joined by Mars on the 2nd and Venus on the 21st.  Even the Sun and Moon will join in at the New Moon on the 3rd . We can expect many Aries themes to be highlighted. Some of them might be: independence, hot-headedness, anger, individuality, identity and much more. Aries is a fire sign and means to burn up whatever is in the way of new growth. On the positive side think, ‘crocus’ on the negative side think, ‘aggression’. Truth is that everything needs a push to get born. This is true for babies and democracies as well as fruits and vegetables of all sorts not to mention ideas. Aries is a sign that likes to go at life head first.  The interesting thing about the New Moon is that it will be exactly opposite Saturn. This suggests that for every action there is a consequence. Mercury retrograde seriously seconds that concept. So think before you act but don’t be overly passive. Change is inevitable just consider the consequences as best you can before you dive in.

Days on which to pay special attention to Aries themes are the 3rd because of the New Moon (consider the consequences of all intentions); 9th when Mercury conjuncts the Sun (be still and listen to your heart); 11th when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter (temper opinions with wisdom); 19th when Mercury conjuncts Mars (act impulsively now, pay later)



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