On an epic start to spring, it's time to step on the gas. In today's modern culture it doesn't matter where you come from or what you do,we're strong , intelligent human beings with something to say! Spend a quality 20 minutes at doing something you love everyday. This sounds so easy but we all know how we have to push ourselves to get motivated. 20 minutes isn't long so it's not so challenging. Sounds cheesy but I know after I've done something  I love, i feel the excitement .  Do it! Take time out for yourself. Lets face it ! 2011,, we're all running on the New York minute!!!!


Know what works for you but always push your comfort zone. I say, through my own experiences in life, that I have grown confident in what works for me but I also know that there is so much more to learn. I like to surround myself with tribes of mentors, people who inspire me. (choosing wisely, I hope). My daughters and their friends (their individuality and unconventional ideas) tell me that they are true to themselves, living in the moment, and not worrying about what everyone else thinks. Isn't that different?!!!! So as adults let us add some of this ingredient to our lives. My friends, my clients, everyone can teach us something new everyday.


Listen to yourself. Learn to appreciate the basics. Taking a simple breath is monumental, It is a necessity for life, yet we take it for granted, always wanting more. What is amazing is the fact that we go to people who teach us how to breath. As seemingly not many of us even do that properly. (ask the yoga teacher.) We need to learn to accept and trust our intuition. To process this we need to clear away old beliefs that get in our way of trusting and taking action from what we hear from our inner wise voice.Can you hear it? If not, it is time to take action!


Food for thought. The more we strive for balance we lose passion. When we are passionate we naturally have balance. Isn't that interesting? It is so simple. Why not add this to your daily routine so we can smile more. Life is full of experiences. Take a tea break and write down what inspires you. So lets start and pass it on to the next person. (Passion). As I write this I feel so good because I'm sharing my passion. I'm smiling too! 

 My friend Stephen Faulk's take on Spring!

New Beginnings are awe inspiring ways to gain a fresh understanding of Spring's natural breeze. As nature's trees pollinate, painting our cars and streets with its presence, use this time to put energy into listening inwardly, being more aware, and trust your intuition. Let us dive into our childlike inner beauty to produce a newness within that radiates your life's journey. Spring forth, let us let go of old ideations and self-binding mindsets that prevent us from experiencing our inner spring that naturally blossoms freely. See the seer within, the inner architect of your life, and let it manifest and bloom with the pollination of looking inward and use this precious moment to smile on this journey that we are embarking on. In every breath we take we have the choice to create our own happiness. Leap into the unknown. This will only serve to create the life you want. Grow to know and love yourself more deeply and the fruition of this inward love will glow and transform the relationships in your life like the season of spring transforms nature. Your energy spent on cultivating this inner you will result in a beautiful blossom to be adorned.

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