Full Moon April 17th 2011

April 17, 2011: Aries/Libra Full Moon (exact at 7:44 pm PDT)

The Aries/Libra Full Moon calls upon us to integrate our desires with those of the people with whom we are in relationship. It can help us gain insight into whether our approach to accommodating our needs and those of others is a balanced one or whether the scale is tipped to one side. (For example, do we over accommodate others to the detriment of own needs, or vice versa?) Additionally, it’s an opportunity to inventory whether we are being our true selves when relating to others rather than being the person we think they want us to be.

Different people draw out distinct parts of who we are. With some people, we may find ourselves more connected to our humorous side, others our serious nature, and with others our adventurous disposition. Use the Full Moon energies to get a sense of which aspects of yourself are brought to light when interacting with different friends and family members as well as your romantic partner(s).

In addition, the day is colored by the energies of the Mars/Saturn opposition that is exact tomorrow. This may be experienced a perception that there are impediments to fully exerting your will. It could seem that at every corner there’s a roadblock or a proverbial “Do Not Enter” sign.

Instead of spiraling in frustration, see if you can take another approach to expressing your self, asserting your desire to achieve what you want. Consider whether the “No”s that you are experiencing are actually “Yes”s in disguise. Meaning, if something you are pursuing still eludes you no matter how forcefully you try to attain it, could it potentially be because it truly is not aligned with who you are and what you need. Consider whether it may, in fact, be a signal that there is actually another path to take, a different door to open. Be open to the idea that there may be another option that would actually better reflect a more productive and fulfilling use of your time, energy, and resources. This may require some re-assessment of goals, re-evaluation of desire, re-alignment of strategies…but it could be work that may be incredibly well worth doing.

This month’s Full Moon falls at 28 degrees of Aries (Sun) and Libra (Moon). While everyone experiences the energies of a Full Moon, if you have planets or pivotal points (i.e., Ascendant/Descendant or Nadir/Midheaven) around this degree in Aries, Libra, or the other cardinal signs—Cancer and Capricorn—it may impact you more intensely.

Full Moon Apothecary Suggestions

Aries is associated with the head, muscles, and circulatory system while Libra is associated with the skin, lower back, and blood sugar balance. Pay extra attention to these parts of the body and areas of health around the time of this Full Moon.

Exercise with a friend: Looking for an additional spark of motivation to help your spring get-in-shape resolution get underway? Instead of going solo to that yoga class or taking a walk alone in the park, invite a friend. Not only will the exercise pump your blood, work your muscles, and regulate your blood sugar, but you’ll get to enjoy it while having a social experience, which is always nice to do when Libran energy is around.

Don’t forget to eat: Both Aries as well as Full Moons bring out ramped-up energy. While you may feel a go-go-go rush in the air today, don’t let it distract you from eating nutritious well-balanced meals. If not, you’re more likely to be on a blood sugar rollercoaster with crashes followed by quick carb-infused highs, potentially leading to the headaches and that “brain fog” feeling that come with glucose swings. If you know you are going to be on-the-go all day, pack snacks such as trail mix, goji berries, or mini PB+J sandwiches.

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