The Nest

Spring is such a beautiful time of the here! Every side street has birds joining squirrels on the ground. The birds are happily flaunting their beauty in hopes of finding the right mate. They strut their stuff, fluffing their wings, and singing up a storm. As lovely as it is to watch them be so joyous, I know it is also a dangerous time for them. This is a bittersweet story of the season!!!

I have this wonderful and mystical friends. We will call him V in this tale. (I will tell you V's story later). V and I swap gifts every weekday morning. One day I went to my special tree in the neighborhood forest (you can see pictures of the forest in the photo gallery.) where I pick up my gift from my friend. He left a little bird's nest in perfect condition. What a beautiful gift with a great message for this time of the year! 

A few days later on my way to the post office I spot this incredible tree root that was left by the side of the road to be picked up by a rubbish truck. The root really is a piece of art! As I am picking up the root I notice a group of birds flapping around on the street. When I moved a little closer I could see they were surrounding a bird that had been hit by a car. It was truly heartbreaking to see them fret over their lost friends. I stayed for a while pondering the fact that birds seem to stay until the last minute before dodging a car. Before I left the scene I made a wish. I went there to my magical tree to pick up the morning's gifts.

As I arrive I find V's gifts hidden in the tree as they usually are. I look down and see a large bird nest on the grass. It must have fallen. It remind me of birds by the root. I put the nest in my car and started my morning walk. My mind was full of thoughts about all the message I had received. At the point when I was thinking about the message of the previous day, a bird buzzes my head. I look up to see that it was the same breed of bird from the root. I was a victim of a fly by! It had remind me of the circle of life and death. At that moment I knew my wish had came true! I walked a little further to witness more proof. I am stopped my the sight of three crows feeding their young. Seeing all of this life, the empty nests, babies being born, circles of life in nature are all strong messages that stayed with me throughout the whole week!!!!


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