Christina lets all walls down.

 I'm the type of person that had a lot of guards or walls around me. I did this because I thought I was protecting myself from people and from pain. During a session with Jo I let it all go! Jo Ann was working on my energy body and I literally felt the walls come down. I physically felt my ego shrink and fade away. (To her, I still have one, but it is something that I am working on with her help!) My heart and spirit let her in. I knew in that moment this woman is the real deal! Working with Jo has taught me so many things. One of them was that having those walls up only hurt myself more by not allowing love or trust in. I was missing out on life. The walls were only trapping my self. She helped release me into truly living. From the first time that I met Jo Ann, I knew that there was something very special about her. I felt so connected to her. It was like I was reunited with my good friend from many life times before. It seemed as if I already knew her. I met her through some other people. She wasn't the one that was speaking at the time, but I was more interested in her teaching then all the other "gurus", "masters", and "leaders" that I have seen in the past. This wonderful woman had no ego attached to her. She was this mysterious, magical lady that had a glowing aura about her. Her words were warm and gentle. I asked her on the spot if I could be her first student. Mrs. Anderson did not even have any students at the time. She had been thinking of having her own, but never mentioned the wish out loud. My spirit heard it though, and it knew that this was the teacher for me. A person who needed no title, but could use her own name and it would be just as powerful. No ego and no desire to gain anything from her students. Jo Ann just wanted to wholeheartedly share her gifts with others. She teaches people to see magic every day in their lives. She opens our eyes (all three of them!) to the wonderful worlds around us. As a student of Jo Ann Anderson's, I have learned to manifest, love, trust, and heal myself and others. One of the first things you will learn is that wisdom is limitless as well as love. Love is one of the most powerful things to have, and it starts with loving yourself. I want to thank you, Jo, for grabbing my hand, and helping me along my path in life. 

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