Full Scorpio Moon: May 17th 2011

The Moon will be full on Tuesday May 17th at 6:09am (7:09am est) It will be at 26 degrees Scorpio. This is the May Flower Moon. For anything that you want to manifest you should start putting energy into three days before the Full Moon. For magic to be successful you must use concentrated focus. You need to understand why you are wishing for what you are wishing for and the desired outcome. Say aloud and visualize your goal several times. Giving more focus to your goal each time you say it. Use threes, sixes, and/or nines. 

This is an intense full moon (when isn't a scorpio moon intense?). Pluto heavily squares Uranus and Saturn. Forming a T square. Squares are challenges. Pluto is transformation, life, death, rebirth. Saturn is lessons and karma. Another T square is Sun, Moon, and Neptune. Beware not to be disillusioned and unrealistic. Pluto is trine Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Trines come with Ease. Everything is working together with a trine. There will be a lot of energy going on and you just have to push through it!


• Full Flower Moon – May In most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Thus, the name of this Moon. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.


One thing I appreciate about thinking about the four important phases of the Moon, is that the number four represents foundation, and as we meditate on the Full Moon happening at 26 Scorpio 13 at 4:10 a.m. PDT, we can build on this groundwork for a better future.  The New Moon allows us to work with a clean slate and to make new choices.  The Full Moon with its light allows us to see if our new direction is going as planned, and if we need to make adjustments, or start anew.  With Venus, Mercury, Mars, and the Sun in Taurus, the energy is gathering momentum to pinpoint our need to understand what belongs, what defines us and who we are.  With the Moon in Scorpio representing the intense connection with those we identify as our own, it is telling us, that in order to receive and give, we need to accept where we are coming from.  Accepting who we are maybe a lot harder to accomplish as our complex emotions about our selves is more difficult to sort out.  If we are not able to accept the real us, then our ability to share and change is hampered, since we can not change or create, what is not there. 

“The Sabian symbol for the Moon in 2t degrees of Scorpio and for the Sun in 27 degrees of Taurus is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

Scorpio 27  A military band on the march  This is a symbol of the human spirit’s desire to avoid everyday trivialities and drabness, ever pressing on toward some goal which can become a basis for a more enduring and individual reality.  The blare of self-affirmation is a rejection of the lesser experience which brings only a self-satiety, and its martial nature arises from the realization that things of worth must be gained at the price of a thoroughly self-mobilized effort.  The keyword is intrepidity.  When positive, the degree is a dramatic capacity for drawing events to a focus and directing their course successfully to what might have seemed impossible ends, and when negative, full hardy self-exploitation.

Taurus 27  A squaw selling beads  This is a symbol of the soul’s fundamental disinterest in everyday superficialities, and of its characteristic anchorage in an inner reality.  The exterior squalor here indicates a great satiety of experience, with petty excellencies of person dismissed as inconsequential in comparison with the fruitage of skills.  Individual existence is justified in a fidelity in the recognized tokens of the cultural heritage.  The keyword is detachment.  When positive, the degree is creative aplomb or the ability of humankind to dramatize itself effectively in even the least of situations, and when negative, a retreat within and an acceptance of the sterilities of life as the manifestation of selfhood,   

It is easier for us to be less critical of others, then our ability to be generous to our own assets and liabilities.  How others see us, is quite different then how we see ourselves.  The Full Moon is telling us to come out of the darkness and to be kind and loving to ourselves, by appreciating and accepting who we are.  One important concept we forget about when we make the connection of Venus, Taurus, and the second house to beauty, finances, property, et cetera, is who we really are, is our greatest asset and possession that we have.  The worldly material manifestations that define us to the world, in time will fade and disappear, but who we are will continue, to change and to grow.  When all the rest is gone, for whatever reason, our true self will pick it self up and start all over, again.  Our greatest possession is who we really are, and if we can accept and appreciate what we have, we can grow and change from there.  We need to take advantage of the stellium in Taurus and work with the concentrated energy to acknowledge and love ourselves for who we are, and will become.

Last part of the blog after the flower moon: Source: http://linknjoe.wordpress.com/2011/04/17/“the-gift-of-the-27-scorpio-full-moon-on-may-17th-is-to-accept-who-we-are”/