Black Mambo and new furry friend!

This is so crazy! I just turned on Mildred series and guess what they say first? Black snake! A snake like a cobra. The man is saying to the mother that she is a snake and he doesn't want a snake bite. So I will share the vision I had. I was in a house that was high up and looked into the forest. A man said there were two snakes under my pillow. They were twins! 

He said they wouldn't bother me. I thought yeah right! Under my pillow? So I asked him to take them outside and he took one. He turned toward me and was holding the snake like a child. I went to shut the door and the snake's tongue came out a bit in a mischievousness way. It was like they were saying you can't shut the door because the door doesn't exist any more nor the window. There were no separations. I woke my self up with a little yelp that woke Ronnie up. So as i write this I turn TV on there it was again. They said the writer is Christina. 

Another thing: The girls moved out from next door and they left a black cat that is very scared. So I feel its important. I went over a couple nights ago to try and begin a connection. I said I wish the cat would let me pet him. He was waiting in the dark so I sat down on the ground and he came to me. He was looking straight into my soul. I know I will have a short time to gain his trust before the next negibors move in. I need to get him to come to my house again. When I came back into the house I turned tv on and there was lady saying that she found a black cat! Television is form of communication. Nature does speak in many ways!



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